Next time you are looking at designing a new website or simply want to rank higher on search engines including Google, bear in mind its more than just your SEO that comes into the equation!

It’s imperative that your website is designed well, SEO and web design need to work together seamlessly or you simply won’t get the best out of your ‘strongest marketing tool’ of course being your website plus you risk losing all your organic equity you have been trying to build…!

Their components mingle and flow together so well that if done properly the browser will know exactly where to go, what to do and easily be able to navigate through your site. Enter > User experience and strong calls to action with a lightning speed website

So, you ask what are these critical elements where SEO and web design collaborate? In fact, they are so strong our whole business model at Elite Digital is based on this collaborative principle. Here we go!

  • Mobile friendliness: Since 2015 it is a ranking factor and in 2017 mobile first indexing was introduced by Google plus with the ever-increasing need for being ‘on mobile’ this takes the number one place. More than half of all web traffic comes from mobiles! In layman’s terms, if your website isn’t mobile responsive it simply won’t work for you or your business…!
  • Easy to Read Design: With User Experience (UX) becoming a ranking factor from May this year it is imperative that your website design and content are up there! It needs to be crystal clear to the user where they need to go and what you want them to do, ultimately converting them from a browser to a buyer, strong calls to action and a clear site navigation and architecture is the key here.
  • You guessed it. Website Speed: This is one of the most important aspects of technical SEO and another big ranking factor and in fact your website should load in 2 seconds and if it takes longer than this then the user will simply bounce and abandon your site. Optimising images is underrated, as well as deleting unnecessary plugins and enabling caching just to name a few! Speed also affects indexing by Google and if your site isn’t indexed it’s not on Google! (Hint: if your site isn’t secure, it also isn’t on Google this is a biggie when it comes to technical SEO)
  • Nearly there! Now we get a bit technical – Sitemaps: If you want your site to be crawled by Google you need this; it’s like a roadmap to search engines that explains your website to them, they have critical information in them and can help you rank by having it on your site.
  • Gaining Users Trust: Believe it or not this is also a ranking factor, you want a site that is clean, easy to navigate and can quickly give you the information you want, bang trust has been gained plus a sale 😊

There you go, these are our top 5 and last but not least we are here to help with all your SEO and web design needs!