Elite elements of an effective small business homepage:

Your website is your strongest marketing tool and your homepage is the first page the user will land on when visiting your site and boy do first impressions count:

Here are our top 8:

  • 1.Mobile Friendly (have a read through our Big 5 blog!)
  • 2.Create 2 calls to action (one at the top and one towards the bottom of the page)
  • 3.Display your contact information (sounds so simple but make this prominent and up the top)
  • 4.Include strong images and also videos if possible (videos are underrated for SEO)
  • 5.List your core services but also the ‘problem’ that you solve (all about the pain points here)
  • 6.Provide trust elements and social proof (testimonials are a biggie and reviews well they are a local SEO ranking factor)
Goes without saying that we at Elite are always here to help!