Blockchain Web3 Development

Streamline And Accelerate Your Transition from Web 2.0 To Web 3.0 With Elite Digital!

In the last three decades, the web has come a long way. Starting from a simple read-only web (web 1.0) to a read-write web (Web 2.0), we have transitioned further. We now have a read-write-own web (Web 3.0).

This evolution of the internet showcases the courses it took to fulfil users’ needs to the fullest.

As a business that solely relies on delivering better customer satisfaction, your decision to overlook the transition to Web 3.0 might backfire. Instead, meet the experts at Elite Digital. We offer a full suite of Web3 development services that can leave a tangible impact on your business bottom-line.

Our Web3 development services

1- Web3 Wallet Development 

At Elite Digital, we simplify the process of launching crypto wallets. We help develop an exhilarating wallet experience for your digital users using a white-label crypto wallet solution.

We can develop the following types of crypto wallets, allowing secure storage and transfer of assets.

 1.1- DeFi Wallet Development
For a complete decentralised crypto transaction, we produce a custom DeFi wallet based on your requirements. We back up your DeFi wallet with smart contracts and not through the involvement of a third party.  

1.2- Tron Wallet Development
Our experts can produce a highly customised Tron wallet that meets your business’s complex needs. Allow your customers to safely trade and manage their TRX tokens while retaining proper control over their cash.

 1.3- NFT Wallet Development
Our white-label NFT wallet is available for both mobile and web extensions. It features multi-platform compatibility along with user-pulling attributes to boost the users to your NFT wallet.

 1.4- Ethereum Wallet Development
Our expert developers can develop scalable Ethereum wallets that can hold ERC20, ERC721, ERC777 and ERC1155 securely.

1.5- Centralised Wallet Development
With our centralised wallet development strategy, we create wallets that safeguard users’ private keys and assist them in accessing the wallet hassle-free. The whitelisting feature further ensures quick and safer transactions.

1.6- Bitcoin Wallet Development
Our bitcoin wallet is integrated with advanced features that result in added security for a large number of assets, making wallet usage safe and simple.

Primary features of the white-label crypto wallet

  • Multi-feature authentication to enhance the security of the wallet
  • Multi-crypto support that provides access to multiple cryptocurrencies on one platform
  • Access to transaction history
  • Automatic update on exchange rates to help you make informed decisions
  • The backup feature helps retrieve data easily.
  • Automatic session logout prevents fraudulent activities and assures access to the wallet only after the password is entered.

2- Web3 Smart Contract Development
Smart contracts have the potential to transform the way agreements are produced across industries, including supply chains, real estate, telecommunications, healthcare and manufacturing just to name a few.

Elite Digital Marketing’s skilled smart contract developers create outstanding computer-based protocols that assist in automating business agreements.

Irrespective of your industry niche, we can provide you with comprehensive smart contract development services that include –

2.1- Smart contract architecture
We employ resilient smart contract architecture practices to maintain the quality of code through smart contract architecture.  

2.2- Smart contract development
We develop smart contracts that feature a multitude of elements to meet your industry needs.

2.3- Smart contract audit
Our meticulous smart contract audit helps in smart code rectification and performs the security audit accordingly.  

2.4- Smart contract optimisation
Reduce the developmental cost and time of smart contracts along with computational resources and gas fees with our smart contract optimisation.

Let us help you take your business to new digital heights
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