Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerhouse marketing tool. At Elite, we are here to help you transform your Ecommerce business by implementing highly targeted, relevant and seamless email campaigns driving your bottom line and increasing your sales and revenue. Where data meets science, we work with Klaviyo to take your Ecommerce business to truly new heights. Average ROI is higher than any other channels, a massive 1200% ($12 for every $1 spent) and brands that utilise Klaviyo see an increase in revenue of 46%! It’s all in the targeting and segmenting your audience, not to mention the personalisation strategy that drives the real results. We can integrate with Shopify and WordPress WooCommerce platforms increasing customer retention, engagement, driving your sales and scaling your Ecommerce business.

Email is your direct line of communication with your most engaged customers and potential customers, plus it  is owned marketing at its best, which allows you to take back control of the entire customer experience and manage your messaging. It’s about you sharing your story, products, and offers with subscribers who want to hear from you. Conversion rates are at least three times higher than social media which is huge.

Segmentation and personalisation are key!

We can set up and build your email flows and sequences at different stages throughout the customer journey and based on customer behaviour. Highly segmented emails have the power to drive three times more revenue per recipient and ways to do this are by: Subscriber demographic, product interest, signup method, email engagement (opens, clicks, etc), Purchase frequency and amount of money spent on website. Segmenting your audience is also a great way to demonstrate personalisation – We can even go as far as recommending specific groups of products through upsell campaigns based on a customer’s order history to drive even more sales and traffic to your website. It’s about messaging people at the right time; your message is 10 x more likely to be seen via email than by socials driving more conversions, brand awareness and sales. We can automate your abandoned cart to ensure you maximise your sales.  All good relationships start with a strong first impression, and with email, this often comes from your automated welcome series. Take the opportunity to say hello, introduce your brand and products to new subscribers, and welcome back existing customers.

Average email open rates are around 30% – Through email, you’ll be able to convey specific brand messages—whether they’re about your product’s benefits, enticing discounts and offers. We can test elements and see which performs better (A/B testing) plus email can also help you to collect immediate customer feedback, which you can then display on your website as social proof – to drive even more sales.

By utilising automation to power your emails, we can send targeted emails uncovering more opportunities to increase sales, growing and transforming your Ecommerce business.